Hello, Our name is “Imari Honjin(伊万里本陣)”

Hello, I’m Ryu Yamaguchi who owns “Imari Honjin(伊万里本陣)”. I will open a guesthouse in Imari lately. It is not a wedding hall even if called a guesthouse.

Guesthouses are accommodations of a sharing a room which can stay reasonably. It seems that it is generally called a hostel in many cases. It is one of the charm that not only a low price but it can perform guests’ exchange, and, as for the feature, there is much a International tourist’s use.

The place is where “Ramen-jin(らーめん陣)” was located before Imari municipal central parking lot. Aiming at opening in March, 2017, it is under preparation now. It is still a lot of renovation work from now, licensing and approval of the ryokan industry is still not yet, I’m a bit worried if I can truly open in March. I will report on this website as soon as the official opening day is decided.