Renovations began

Renovation of “Imari Honjin(伊万里本陣)” began. From now on, it will be reborn as a guest house from a ramen restaurant.

This is a room used as the guest room of the 12-person dormitory on the second floor. There will be 12 beds lined up in the room. The bed is not a bunk bed, but a semi double bed ordinary type altogether divided with the wall. You can use it comfortably with one bed per person. That is unusual. Because many guest houses use bunk beds in many cases. In that room, two toilets and two washstands will be installed.


This is a living room on the first floor. We do not refurbish it. We will use it in the current state. There is a toilet also on the first floor.


This was a place with the cookroom of the ramen restaurant on the first floor. A common kitchen and two shower rooms are installed there.


The renovation works for about 2 weeks. The renovation works is scheduled to end at the beginning of next month. However, the hotel business license can be applied only after completion of construction. Commencement of business is likely to take about 20 more days. We will somehow open it by the end of March. Rates is planning a 1,800 yen per night. Please already wait for reservation for a while.