April 1, Imari Honjin was opened

Last year in April, I started to move toward the opening of the guest house, one year only, was able to finally opened a guest house. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.

We are originally had scheduled to opened in the summer of last year. However, it could not be opened last year. Further delays. Then, enter a new year. And, I worked hard but can’t opened it in March. After all, it was able to opened in April. Does not complete such as is sufficiently still furniture, we want to go to align gradually while operating. We would appreciate your favor in the future of Imari Honjin.

But is immediately, now, and we have decided celebrate the opening, It is 1 night 1,000 yen sale from April 1 to 15 days. Still, who never stayed in the guest house, by all means, how do the first experience of a guest house in Imari Honjin!

Reservation is currently being accepted from ‘Booking.com‘,’Hostelworld‘ and ‘Rakuten Travel‘.
If you wish to make a credit settlement, please make a reservation from ‘Rakuten Travel’.