Single Bed in Co-ed Dormitory Room 1,500yen / night

Additional charge

Service fee 800yen

Facility overview

The Bedroom of Imari Honjin is a Mixed Dormitory Room with 12 single beds. You can unwind slowly with one bed, not bunk beds. There are two toilets and two washbasins in the bedroom. The bedroom is turned off at 10 PM.

Beds are separated by a wall and a curtain, and a minimum privacy can be secured. These are real mattresses and Japanese semi-double size so your little cubby is comfortable and spacious. Desk lamp and electric outlet are equipped. There is no locker with a key, so take care of valuable items.

On the first floor, kitchenette and living room are available until 23:00. Two bathrooms are available 24 hours a day.

The facilities of Imari Honjin are shared by all guests. We will deal strictly with acts that cause inconvenience. Please understand, thank you for your reservation after acknowledgment.

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